I’m a Manchester-based part-time wedding and family lifestyle photographer.  The rest of the time I do my day job – which isn’t so bad as I work with some lovely people.  But my real passion is photography, and most of all wedding photography.

The reason I love wedding photography is because it has a little bit of everything that I love to photograph.  Those pretty details that the bride and groom have put thought into and often spent long evenings creating!  The emotional moments and connections between people – the groom as he sees the bride for the first time at the alter; a father giving his daughter’s hand away; and a mother looking on proudly.  I understand the investment that that couple and their loved ones have made and what this moment means to them and I want to do them justice.

For that reason, I approach each wedding fully invested – heart and soul – and give it all I’ve got!  I have cried at more than one wedding that I have photographed – and I think that ‘feeling’ so much, helps me, I hope, to be in tune with the special moments.

I offer a relaxed style of photography and aim to catch natural moments.  I would say my I am predominantly a documentary style photographer who likes to tell the story of your event through pictures, rather than having an emphasis on posing.  Of course there is some posing involved, as not all shots just happen, but I try not to let this dominate your day and try to keep the process as relaxed and easy going as possible.

I have invested in professional quality camera equipment and back-ups and have public liability insurance.

I have covered a small number of weddings so far in my first six months in business – 6 so far – and I’m eager to cover so many more and cannot wait for the opportunities that might come my way.  If you like what you have seen of my work on my blog posts and would like to discuss your wedding photography with me, please get in touch with me – I can’t wait to hear from you!xxx


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